Feelings & Expressions©

“Undress your soul at night, as you do your body.” – George Herbert.

Drop your work, your worry, your weariness, your mistakes, your fears.

Feelings & Expressions is an attempt to capture the many aspects of life we are able to feel when expressing, or experiencing, an emotional state or reaction…allowing ourselves to bare our heart (or soul) to someone, to reveal our innermost thoughts…to undress your soul.

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If you bare you heart (or soul) to someone, you reveal your innermost thoughts...

Sometimes when I say "I'm okay", I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight and say, "I know you're not"...

Make time just to have fun!...live in the moment and enjoy all of the simple things that really do make for a happier life.

"I'm learning how to be angry and sad and lonely and joyful and excited and afraid and happy. I'm learning to taste everything." - Laurie Halse Anderson, Wintergirls