Beauty is in the...©

Art is form and content.

Art is about how we react, as individuals, to both the intended and actual message in the picture or the written word in a novel.

Word|Photo|Art is about a well thought out composed story or photo with words that together forms a piece of art that is both visually and emotionally appealing.

  • Role The photograph reflects a moment that is happening out in the world.
  • For Those who choose to be mindful – and being in the moment, place and time called right now.

Imagine…when everyone is here…there is no FEAR!

Word|Photo|Art – Mind Full..or Mindful?

A home is just not a place…it’s whatever there is in your life that stops you from feeling alone.

Less perfection…more authenticity. Believe in your #digitalized selfie.

Lars Bolin, Author – “A Swedish Chameleon”…shifting color and appearance in a bone chilling fashion…New book coming this fall…

Kandinsky meets Dylan

Adventure Awaits. Fear not. Live…in the moment.