My Light©

“Ljusstrålen under färd. Bryt ej ljusstrålen under färd.”
Ulf Lundell

“Do not break, nor extinguish, the traveling light beam.”
Ulf Lundell

  • Role Searched for the Light…and found it.
  • For The Traveling Soul

The Light…morning on the Bridge between Sweden and Denmark

The Light…of Stockholm, Sweden

The Light…the place…the view. Priceless. Mölle, Sweden

The Light…of Sahara Desert?…No, Ribersborg beach, Malmö, Sweden

The snow, the mist, the mystery…the Light

The Scandinavian Winter Light…almost summerlike

The Light…the mystic fog…the natural beauty. Kullaberg, Sweden

I’ll find you. I’ll bring you home

“Well you only need The Light when it’s burning low..” - Passenger | Let her go -

A wave of Light

“Every sleepy night must say goodbye to day before it dies” - Kate Bush

Urban Light – of New York City