A Mindful Death©

In the summer of 1944 in Perugia, Italy, a family finds themselves in a dire situation that will shape them for years to come.

It takes them on a journey to New York at the end of World War II, via Marseille France. One of the family members keeps a secret from the rest all these years until he finally tells the whole story in 2015 to Harry Anderson, an adventurer, travel writer and photojournalist.

What unravels is an unbelievable story about a family’s rise in the 40s and 50s in New York City. One family member returns to Perugia in the 50s with a secret so painful and with so much shame, regret and suspicion of betrayal, that it makes him wish he would have ended it a long time ago.

A Mindful Death© – by Lars Bolin

Book launch in Malmo, Sweden May 5th 2017

Lars Bolin, Author & Hiker

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Lars Bolin, Author

Lars Bolin, Author & Coach

On a cold, misty & mysterious day, “A Mindful Death” and a warm drink.