House Art©

More than just a house…a building…

It has a history…its own story to tell.

You may have seen the outside…others have called it home…or workplace…and have had an opportuntiy to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the history hidden in its walls…

Every detail is part of its story…so look carefully and let your imagination run wild…

  • Two Worlds Collide -
    “Somewhere something is calling for you
    Two worlds, one family
    Trust your heart
    Let fate decide
    To guide these lives we see”
    -Phil Collins

“Do not go gentle into that good night…Rage, rage against the dying of the light”. Dylan Thomas a frequent visitor to White Horse Tavern, New York City
If only the walls could speak…Imagine.

1798 – Listen to the silent sound of the walls…220 years of history. Hear its story soon here at WordPhotoArt©

One Book – Three Lives
A place with a human face and a cast of characters, colored by the time and place.
"I could never have dreamt that there were such goings-on in the world between the covers of books…" – Dylan Thomas

Gamla Väster – The Old West
Buildings dating back to the 1300's. Imagine the history and stories hidden in the walls…

Ne Quid Nimis – Nothing in Excess.
Another kind of House Art.
It’s definitely more than just a “house”…a building.
It’s already a piece of art with a dramatic history and an artist in hiding.
Read more about it soon here @WordPhotoArt

Two continents collide…question is…in what direction are we heading…to Liberate [to free, move , and open up] or to Obstruct [to stop, halt, and block]

“Cuz when we’re frozen stiff inside and we’re too paralyzed to feel
And don’t know the difference between wrong or right
And can’t tell the fantasy from the real
Down into ourselves the shame must be concealed

Continents collide in their clumsy dance
They make mountains and drift out to sea
And I imagine the same thing could happen
If left to chance, to you and me

I’d like to think that we can make ourselves by what we think ourselves could be
But sometimes, you know, I think too much and do so selfishly”

A palace? A church?…What is this building?
A car parking garage! Probably the most palace like in the world! #ystad #sweden

“You’ll always be my only guiding light” [Mumford & Sons]